"I lost 4cm on my stomach after one treatment!"

"I have always been self-conscious about my thighs.  Thanks to Crystallize Spa I lost 2.5 cm on each leg after one treatment."  

"Wow incredible 6 cm after only one treatment!"

"I'm excited for my second treatment, first treatment lost 3 cm in my midsection."

 "My results are unbelievable, after three treatments 8 cm." 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does CoolSlimming™Crystallize Your Fat really work?

A: Yes it does! It is no new fad or technology. It's been around for years.  Effective, safe procedure for crystallizing fat cells in the human body.

Q: Am I a good candidate?

A: If you have stubborn areas of fat you want vanished, then YES.

Q: How many treatments will I need?

A: Ultimately depends on your personal goals. A full completion of the protocol you can expect to see results within just a few weeks.

Q: What results will I see?

A: Results may vary from person to person. Everyone's body is different and additional factors will determine the best results.

Q: Why should I trust Crystallize Spa over another company?

A: In today's market there are few options when it comes to fat reduction procedures.  When you are trusting the appearance of your body to someone you want assurance that you will receive results that exceed your expectations.  At Crystallize Spa we have the latest, highest, most reliable technology.  Along side, with our most highly trained professionals who provide the highest quality services. 

Q: How long do the treatments typically take?

A: Each treatment takes approximately 45 min- 1 hour.

Q: How many areas can you do at each treatment?

A: With our machines we are capable of doing two-four applicators at a time.

Q: Are the treatments painful? Will I need medication?

A: During the treatment you will feel some discomfort, but no pain.  After the treatment has started approximately within five minutes the area will be numb.  No medication will be required.  

Q: What will I do during the treatment?

A: Anything as long as you stay in the chair. Watch TV, work on your laptop, read a book, eat lunch, etc.

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